Social Purpose Organisations and Charities

Octava Foundation is the sponsor for Care Corner Singapore's Youth Rangers programme at Teck Ghee Youth Centre (April 2017 - March 2020).

Care Corner Singapore Ltd is a registered charity with an institute of Public Character ('IPC') and is member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). It has established itself as a voluntary welfare organisation since 1981 to serve the needs of the community and its vision to impact the lives of the people in Singapore by providing CARE and sharing LOVE.

Care Corner Singapore believes that strong and stable families are the foundation upon which the community is built, and that a vibrant family life is fundamental to the growth of individuals. As such, the focus is on serving, strengthening and supporting families - positively impacting more than 600,000 beneficiaries in the last year with a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and like-minded givers. Care Corner's work is founded upon five pillars of services - family and community services; focused intervention servies; youth services; senior services and training services, as listed in the organisational chart below:

The Youth Rangers programme is available at CROSSROAD Youth Centre, Care Corner - Teck Ghee Youth Centre and IGNITERS Youth Centre, and is a 3-year leadership development programme targeted at community youths between 13 and 17 years old who are at low to medium risk of falling into juvenile delinquency. Youths in this category exhibit traits such as an association with delinquent peers, low self-esteem, and a lack of meaningful engagement at home and in school. Attended by approximately 60 youths a year, the experiential programme exposes youths to centre-based and outdoors-oriented approaches, as well as the execution of service learning projects in carrying out four strategic thrusts:

  • Instilling positive values through personal and group development
  • Imparting life skills through experiential learning
  • Inculcating leadership competencies through training and mentoring
  • Igniting social awareness through community engagement

In turn, the programme steers youths away from a life of crime, and develops them into caring leaders who contribute back to the local and overseas community.