Our Story

Equal Opportunity is Possible

Octava Foundation was set up by a group of movers and shakers at Octava Private Limited, who envisioned a society of equal opportunities.

We see a tomorrow that holds infinite possibilities for less privileged youths and their families who are given the environment and opportunities to progress in life. Through educational funding and voluntary efforts, the Octava Foundation seeks to empower the less fortunate and raise societal awareness of the issues which they face in their everyday lives.

Our Vision

To empower all children and youths of all races so that they have an equal opportunity to excel as well-rounded citizens, who can herald a better tomorrow for our world.

Our Mission

The Foundation's mission is to build impactful and sustainable programmes, and to provide financial aid to strengthen the pillars of home, school, and societal support which in turn promote the holistic development of less fortunate children and youth in Singapore, so as to alleviate them from the cycle of disadvantage.

Our Commitment

To actualise our vision of a society with equal opportunities, the Octava Foundation seeks to empower the less fortunate by acting out 3 values.

  • Provide: We offer financial aid to families, children and shelters who are in need of relief
  • Support: We close the gap between the less fortunate and ourselves by giving them emotional support
  • Participate: Our volunteers join a cause and lend a hand in making a difference