Octava, a Singapore-based investment holding company, invests in diverse sectors such as real estate, technology companies, and funds, prioritizing sustainable growth and strategic partnerships. Guided by an experienced team, Octava focuses on long-term value creation through its deep expertise in business and management.
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Real Estate

Octava's real estate endeavors span across dynamic markets such as Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia. With a strategic focus on both commercial and residential properties, our portfolio reflects a well-rounded approach to investment diversification. Through meticulous market analysis and astute decision-making, Octava aims to capitalize on opportunities while ensuring sustained growth and profitability in our real estate ventures.

Fund Portfolio

Octava's fund portfolio predominantly consists of Southeast Asia venture capital funds, strategically selected to capitalize on the region's burgeoning startup ecosystem and economic potential. Complementing our primary investments, we actively participate in co-investments alongside select venture capital funds, leveraging our expertise and network to identify promising opportunities for mutual growth and success. Through this dynamic approach, Octava remains at the forefront of venture capital investment in Southeast Asia, driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurial excellence.

Direct Investments

Octava's direct investment strategy revolves around key sectors of fintech and artificial intelligence reflecting our commitment to pioneering industries with significant growth potential. In addition to these targeted sectors, we remain agile in our approach, exploring opportunistic investments outside of our traditional focus areas. This flexibility allows us to capitalize on emerging trends and unique opportunities that align with our overarching investment objectives. With a discerning eye for innovation and value creation, Octava remains poised to seize opportunities and drive forward impactful investments across diverse sectors.

Web 3.0/Digital Assets

Octava boasts a dynamic investment portfolio firmly rooted in the burgeoning landscape of blockchain technology. With a strategic vision for innovation and growth, Octava has strategically diversified its holdings to encompass a range of blockchain-based assets, including cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and blockchain infrastructure projects. Leveraging deep industry expertise and a forward-thinking approach, Octava identifies and capitalizes on emerging opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem, positioning itself at the forefront of this transformative industry.


Our Narrative

ODA Capital is the digital assets investment arm of Octava. Comprising a cohort of seasoned entrepreneurs and builders, the team harbours an unwavering belief that blockchain is poised to revolutionize daily interactions and redefine societal norms. The team’s focus spans across infrastructure, decentralization finance (DEFI), and gaming.


Our Story

Octava Foundation, a sister organization of Octava, focuses on impactful philanthropic investments in education and student finance, with a particular emphasis on Edtech. Committed to enabling equitable education and skill development for underserved populations, the foundation utilizes a venture philanthropy approach. It supports social innovators, entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven organizations, empowering them to enhance their solutions and measurement methodologies to amplify their impact and scale.



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