Octava, based in Singapore, operates as a dynamic investment holding company with strategic investments across four primary areas: real estate, funds, direct investments in technology companies, and Web3.0/digital assets. Our direct investment focus centers on pioneering industries such as fintech and artificial intelligence, driving innovation and progress in these dynamic fields. In addition to our core business activities, Octava is actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors through Octava Foundation, aiming to create a positive social impact.

Octava is dedicated to shaping a future where innovation, sustainability, and community welfare intersect seamlessly.

What We Provide

Our extensive network ensures swift access to capital and strategic commercial opportunities, empowering our invested companies for success.

Through our family office, we cultivate lasting partnerships founded on trust and mutual success, leveraging our network to drive sustained growth.

We humbly embrace visionary thinking, fostering innovative solutions and seizing future opportunities

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