Social Organisations & Charities

Octava Foundation is a sponsor for Care Corner Singapore’s Youth Rangers program at Teck Ghee and IGNITERS Youth centre. The Care Corner Singapore has been serving the needs of the community since 1981 and provides support to facilitate strong families in the community.

The Youth Rangers Program is a 3-year leadership development program targeted at community youths aged 13 to 17 who are at low to medium risk of falling into juvenile delinquency. The experiential program exposes youth to outdoors and hands-on approach in executing life skills, and develops character through engagement. The program steers youths away from a life of crime, and nurtures them into caring leaders for the community.

Trybe is a community of people who are committed to walk alongside youth and believe that each of them can become a success story. We conduct programmes for mainstream schools and manage two juvenile institutions for offenders. The work may vary in its medium, but each work is dedicated to our one vision – Every Youth A Success Story.